School Vouchers

Voucher Packages allow schools to create separate User accounts for the number stated in the Voucher. These accounts function the same way as an individual, except the purchaser of the Voucher will be able to register each user and receive notice when they have completed the course.

We accept School Purchase Orders for the cost of the Program. (Your Voucher will be emailed you once the PO number has been received.)

The Following Voucher Packages are Available to Schools:

Classroom Voucher: $125.00 for up to 25 students ($5.00 per student).

School Wide Voucher: You decide the number of students you would like to take this course and you can purchase a School Voucher for $3.00 per student. (School Vouchers for the this course have a minimum order of 100 students.)

Access to this course is available for ONE FULL YEAR from time of enrollment (including all updates & additions).

For more information, or to order a Voucher Package, email us, with the number of  students you would like to have access to the course, at

If requested, we will also provide your school with temporary Voucher so you can review the online course prior to purchase.

To simply ask for a temporary Voucher, email us at: with your name, email address & school name.

(A temporary voucher will allow you to enroll in the full course for a 5-day preview.)

Texas CMBL Vendor ID 12739763469

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