Are You Safe Online?

According to a recent study released by IBM, 95 percent of all cyber security incidents involve human error.

Many of these are successful cyber attacks from hackers who prey on human weakness in order to lure individuals, kids, or business employees to unwittingly provide them with access to systems or sensitive information. Our Cyber Security Training Programs are designed to teach everyone how to recognize and avoid Cyber Threats!

Our Cyber Security Training  Courses are Available On-Demand and can be Completed at Your Own Pace!

Our Courses are designed for the average person, not an IT staff. The lessons are written in simple to understand terms (Not Geek Talk)!

Biz-Guard Cyber Security Programs for Business

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Cyber Security Training for Employees

Cyber Security Training for Small Business

Cyber Security Training for Real Estate Professionals

Medical Cyber Security

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We Also Offer Online Safety Programs for Individuals, Kids, & Schools

Cyber Bullying Prevention for TeensOnline Safety for Teenagers

Personal Cyber Protection


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“The use of the Internet for criminal purposes is one of the most critical challenges facing the FBI and law enforcement in general. Understanding and using the Internet to combat Internet fraud is essential for law enforcement. The fraud being committed over the Internet is the same type of white collar fraud the FBI has traditionally investigated but poses additional concerns and challenges because of the new environment in which it is located.” Thomas T. Kubie, Deputy Assistant Director, FBI 

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