Cyber Security Training for Employees

A comprehensive online course designed to train employees how to protect their company and customers from Cyber Threats.

This Full Course is Only:

This course provides an employee with 24/7 access to the course from any internet connected device. The course includes over 50 separate lessons, progress bars, 6 quizzes, a final exam, and a Certificate of Completion when completed. We have also included several “How-to” lessons in the Appendix. This list will increase as we add more information which you will have immediately available. (Scroll down to see the current subjects covered in the Appendix.)

After you have completed this course, you will have access to come back and review any lesson for one full year after purchase. (Including any additions or updates we make to the course)

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According to a recent study released by IBM, 95 percent of all cyber security incidents involve employee error. Many of these are successful cyber attacks from hackers who prey on human weakness in order to lure employees to unwittingly provide them with access to systems or sensitive information.

This online course is designed for businesses who need their employees trained on how to protect themselves and their customers from Cyber Crime.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 4-6 Hours

Difficulty: Intermediate

Author Information

Mike FileMike File

Mr. File is a former teacher who spent 16 years in the public school system. You may read his bio on the "About Us" page.


Know the Dangers: Malware

Know the Dangers: Risks to Yourself & Your Business

How Hacking Attacks are Delivered

The Hack & Beyond

Data Breaches

Protecting Yourself & Your Business

Final Exam

Appendix: How-To Instructions