Company Voucher

Voucher Packages allow companies to create separate User accounts for the number stated in the Voucher. These accounts function the same way as an individual, except the purchaser of the Voucher will be able to register each user and receive notice when they have completed the course. (Or your employees can create their own accounts with the voucher number you provide them, then they can provide you with their Certificate of Completion once they have finished the course.)

We offer the following Voucher Packages to Companies:

Small Business Voucher: $200 for 10 Course Enrollments. ($20 per Employee)

Midsize Business Voucher: $450 for 30 Course Enrollments. ($15 per Employee)

Regular Business Voucher: $720 for 60 Course Enrollments. ($12.00 per Employee)

Large Business Voucher: $1000 for 100 Course Enrollments. ($10.00 per Employee)

We have special pricing for any company or business association with over 100 Employees, please contact us for a quote.

Access to this course is available to the employee for one full year after enrollment (including all updates & additions).

For more information on a custom quote email us, with the number of  employees you would like to have access to the course, at, or Click Here:


Vouchers will be created and emailed to you within 24 hours of when order is placed and  payment is received.