About this Course

Thanks for looking at our course designed to keep medical and health care professionals safe from cyber attacks. Please take the following lessons in order since in many cases they build on one another. After you finish a lesson mark the “Lesson Complete” button to update the progress bar and advance to the next lesson.

At the end of the course you will need to take the 20 question final exam to receive credit for the course and have your “Certificate of Completion” generated. If you are enrolled in the course through a Voucher Code supplied by your company or facility, they may require that you email them this certificate, or print it out and turn it in to them.

The Appendix items are “How-To” instructions covering much of the information in the lessons, or simply additional tips to make sure you stay safe while online.

When a lesson is updated or a new lesson/appendix item is added, we will send you a notification by email of the addition. Remember that you will have access to all the lessons, appendix items, and any updates or additions for a full year after your enrollment date.

Enjoy the lessons and we hope this knowledge helps you and your company stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world.

Medical Cyber Security Intro